Joining Ginny again at Yarn Along :
Reading this year’s winner of the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction – The Ten Thousand Things by John Spurling and knitting a shirt for my son’s waldorf doll.


The book telling the story of scholar Wang Meng, living, painting and experiencing history in times of dynasty changes at the end of the Mongols Yuan dynasty.
The doll shirt is knitted after one of Mariengold ’s patterns and is kind of training for the doll sew along  (Puppenmitmacherei) from Naturkinder and Mariengold.



I’m yarning along with Ginny again.
Not only am I on and off reading „Welcome to sunny Chernobyl“ by Andrew Blackwell -a book about the (by mankind) most destroyed places on earth discovering their more or less unexpected beauty.
I’m also through the first leg of „All seasons play pants“ by Nora J Bellows with the remainings of my daughter’s rainbow colored Milo.


Joining Ginny once again for some Yarn Along:


Doing Christmas Loop- knitting for a colorful friend,


I decided on starting Americanah (though I still haven’t finished reading 1Q84)…


… a book highly recommended by my sister about two Nigerian young people embarking on very different lives but wanting to change Nigeria for the better.

after a looong absence here on the blog I restart with my most pressing object at the moment:
blancket for my friend’s baby Marvie -to be born within the next days. So I’m a little behind in knitting, maybe this is because of my reading Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84.


A lot of other great tips on what to read and/or knit are (as always) to be found at Ginny’s.

Joining Ginny again at YarnAlong with our favourite hobbies knitting and reading


Yesterday I finished my first myboshi-hat (invented by two german skiing instructors who learned to crochet in Japan).
Meanwhile I`m also trying to get through the literature for my exam in Religious Studies on Christianity – some of it being truely enlightning and some of it being utterly out of my mind`s reach because it`s in Italian 😉

still no time for „real“ reading but just finishing a SimpleShawl just in time for the next wave of snowy snowy weather …


so I’m happy to join Ginny again this week at YarnAlong

Joining Ginnyfrom Small Things once again in her and my favorite hobbies: reading & knitting

Right now, I´m spending almost all my spare time knitting, which minimizes my reading time.


For now, I´m knitting a Snood (in a pattern I already tested making one for Kira´s godmother) and going through a soap-making book – this being a craft I soon want to try for myself after having received handmade soaps from Ursl (Soap*Kitchen*Style) and a working collegue, which I absolutely love.